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WhitePaws RunMitts cover both your fingers and thumb and give youth ability to flip the top to cool down. Unlike traditional mittens or gloves, you can push the mittens down to your wrist without having to take them off and possibly lose one. No more sticking your mittens in a pocket or down your shirt, then fumbling to get them back on again.

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US Patent No.9,220,307

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Hi Folks, I just finished my second 12 degree run of the weekend wearing my WhitePaws RunMitts. I've never found gloves that really kept my hands warm until now. These mitts are fantastic-wind resistant and light weight. Plus I love how they're handmade just up the road in Baltimore. I've been all- season running for 27 years, including winter for 2 Boston Marathons, and an active member of Montgomery Country Runners. I've been on a never ending quest for consistent hand warmth. I think I've found it. 

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Since 2016, we at WhitePaws RunMitts have been helping to keep your fingers and thumbs warm during the winter season, so that you can comfortably focus on achieving your fitness goal.

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