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Private Policy Statement

This Privacy Policy Statement is designed to tell you about Runmitts, LLC d/b/a Whitepaws Runmitts (“Runmitts”, “Whitepaws Runmitts”, “We”, or “Us”, or similar pronouns).  Runmitts hereby gives notice to the user of this website and service We provide at:, or subdomains thereof (the “Website”) that Our policy regarding the practices regarding collection, use, and disclosure of information related to your use of websites, mobile applications and other electronic services that link to this Privacy Policy Statement (collectively the “Website”).

Please be sure to read this entire Privacy Policy Statement before using the Website.


By registering for or otherwise using the Website, you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy Statement. Specifically, you authorize the collection, processing, retention, and disclosure of Information about You by Runmitts and its affiliates, business partners, and service providers for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy Statement or as described to you during your interactions with the Website. For example, We might clarify our practices when you register or when you use the Website, or one of its functions, for the first time.

Effective Date and Changes to this Privacy Policy Statement

This Privacy Policy is a part of the Terms and Conditions of the Website, which are incorporated herein by reference. Capitalized terms herein not otherwise defined shall have the meaning set forth in the Terms and Conditions. This Privacy Policy Statement is updated as of August 2, 2016. We reserve the right to update this Privacy Policy Statement. If We update this Privacy Policy Statement, We will use reasonable electronic efforts to advise you of the change, which may include posting a notice of the change in the Website, or we may send you an electronic notification of the change. If We electronically notify you by an electronic communication, We will provide these electronic messages to your last known or provided electronic communication address (which may be for example, a text message address, twitter user name, Facebook address or other site address). You are responsible to review communications we send to those addresses, to authorize communications from us, and to keep those addresses up to date. Use of the Website after our notice of a change in the Privacy Policy Statement is acceptance of the terms and changes in the updated Privacy Policy Statement, which shall, unless expressly prohibited by applicable law (or unless expressly stated in such changed Privacy Policy Statement), be effective from the inception of your use of the Website.

Information about You

We—along with our affiliates, business partners, and service providers—use the Information about You to support your use of the Website. Information about You includes direct identifiers—such as your name, user name or number, age, and contact information such as email address, telephone number, and physical address—and other information associated with the direct identifiers—such as account information. If We remove direct identifiers about you, such information is no longer considered Information about You and is not subject to this Privacy Policy Statement.

Information about You is collected through a variety of sources, including directly from you, through your interaction with the Website, and from the other persons who may provide Information about You through the Website. Many functions of the Website involve you directly submitting information (such as by subscribing to one of our services) so you may benefit from features or participate in activities using the Website. For example, We collect or derive Information about You through the Website when you respond to questions or Information about You through Website communication data - such as whether you viewed or clicked on a link in an email or other message we might send you, and when/where and from what device/mail program you performed such action ("Communication Data").  We may use technology in our communications with you that assist us in verifying you have received communications from us, in offering services of discounts we may provide, and in general, to better communicate with you. 

Other Sources of Information about You

We may also receive Information about You from other sources, such as from other sources or users with whom you interact through the Website, sponsors, third party social media platforms, advertising partners, and other parties. Such information is used to help manage and administer the Website, provide services that you request, and contact you. We may also receive Information about You from marketing and research firms to help Us improve our services.  With respect to third party provided information, we will comply in all material respects with the contractual obligations we owe to such party who has provided such third party provided information, but such information will no be deemed personal data hereunder.

Uses of Information about You

We, along with our affiliates, business partners, and service providers, use the information about you to provide or promote our products and services, to fulfill your information requests, and contact you as you have requested.

Except as otherwise stated, we may also use information about you to improve our programs or the content of our Website, and for our analysis. In cases where We remove the elements of your information that could identify you, We may use and disclose the resulting “de-identified” information without restrictions.

For example, We may create de-identified, statistical, and aggregate data results for research purposes and for reporting to other organizations. This data reported will not contain personal identifiers and will not identify individuals.

Exchanging information with Other Parties

We may share information with the following parties for the following purposes:

  • To our employees, affiliates, third party service providers, and business partners who assist Us in managing, administering or delivering the Website, We may provide Information about You and your use of the Website.
  • In connection with the sale, assignment, or other transfer of our business or any of the Website, We may transfer the Information about You, in which case any such buyer or acquiring party would be subject to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy Statement.
  • To respond to law enforcement requests or where required by applicable laws, court orders, or government regulations, We may transfer information about you to other parties for legal purposes or similar legal obligation.
  • We may also provide Information about You and your use of the Website to others or for other purposes if you authorize Us to do so. For example, We may offer specific functions associated to specific sponsors or other business partners, for which more Information about You may be exchanged. In such a case, We would inform you generally about the nature of the information being provided and receive your acceptance (which may be by selecting a button or engaging in other electronic actions that signifies your acceptance) before We exchange the additional Information about You. We might directly ask you, or We might be able to rely on settings you have made to your account profile, to authorize an information disclosure.
  • If you connect your account with Us to a social media service (e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc) then We may share your information in accordance with the application program interface of that social media site.  In this case We are not responsible for your data that you provided to Us, that is transmitted to such social media site in accordance with the permissions you granted by enabling such connection.
  • All other data other than your personal data is owned by Us and We may use or disclose it in any manner not prohibited by law. 

Managing Information about You

To keep the information that you provide via this Website accurate, current, and complete, please contact Us as specified below and We will take appropriate steps to update or correct such information in our possession, or to make changes to the Information about You so that we no longer contact you for certain purposes.

Communicating with You

We may communicate with you through electronic communications and through the Website, such as through the use of notifications and alerts. You may manage certain other ways in which We communicate with you. For example, you may subscribe or unsubscribe to certain electronic communications from Us, such as for notifications and marketing. You may not unsubscribe from administrative Website and electronic messages that We may send, such as to alert you of changes in our Privacy Policy Statement or Terms and Conditions.

Links to Other Websites

The Website may provide hyperlinks and references to other websites, or allow you to connect your information on this Website to such sites. Our Privacy Policy Statement does not apply to those websites, and we are not responsible for the content or function of those websites. We encourage you to become familiar with the privacy practices of the other websites that you use.


We take reasonable steps to protect Information about You in our possession and control, and to protect the information from loss, misuse, and unauthorized access, disclosure, or alteration.  We will not be liable for any data loss, misuse, or unauthorized access to or use of data except to the extent that we violate applicable law.

Contacting Us

We are happy to hear from you. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy Statement or the practices of the Website, you may contact:



User Support

Runmitts, LLC

620 S. Paca Street

Baltimore, MD


Other Special Considerations

Technology Logging, Cookies, and Related Techniques

When you interact with the Website, your browser or other device may communicate other technical information that we use as part of our Websites. For example, as you use the Website, your browser or other device communicates with our technology, which in turn keeps records of your interactivity and requests for services and content to assist Us in managing and improving the utility of the Website, and to conduct research and analysis on its use. The types of such interactive information may include your Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser / device type, URL, requests made, device identification information, and related technical usage information.

We use cookies and other remote side storage technology to authenticate you to the Website, to analyze how the Website is used, to link information about how you use the Website with your account, and to help tailor our Websites. Our affiliates, business partners, and service providers may also use cookies and other technical means for these purposes. The Website may not function properly if your browser or device is configured so it does not accept these associated cookies and other technical means.

Information about Children

The Website is not intended for use by persons under the age of 13.

Rights under Laws

You may have additional rights under state law to access certain information; for example California residents may have rights under California Code Section 1798.83. We honor those rights.

Location of Processing

Runmitts is a United States of America business with its core operations in the United States. Information about You may be processed by Us, our affiliates, business partners, or service providers in the United States and elsewhere in the world where privacy rules may differ from those of the country in which you reside.

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